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  • Artist-in-residence master class
Provides up and coming artists with the opportunity to further their careers by developing new S... more
Comprised of nine talented performers, assembled by S&R Washington Award Grand Prize Winner... more
  • Overtures Artist Series
Intimate music performances throughout the year by award-winning, emerging artists at legendary... more

Social & Science

Supports fearless social entrepreneurs through a unique 14-month fellowship, designed to transform... more
Bringing back the Georgetown salon, Illuminate encourages the growth of new and bold ideas through... more
  • Kingfisher Global Leadership Program Students posing for a photo
S&R connects international organizations like the World Bank and NASA with bright and... more


  • Sheila Ohlsson Walker
S&R Foundation’s Kuno Award for Applied Science for the social good is an annual award of... more
Recognizes a young scientist, primarily in the field of health care-related sciences, who... more
Recognizes talented emerging artists in all disciplines. 




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